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The Gospel In Spanish
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You will hear many prayers in church and family settings. Listen carefully to how native speakers say things. Memorize and practice saying prayers to yourself. Volunteer to give them in meetings as often as you can. Say the blessing on the food in Spanish. If members of your family speak Spanish, encourage them to use it in family prayers. Occasionally, try saying your personal prayers in Spanish; it will make you aware of what things you can say, and things you will want to learn how to say. In that situation you would use the yo forms (doy gracias, te pido, mi familia, etc.). When praying orally with others, remember to give thanks for blessings shared in common and ask for blessings important to the group. Use the nosotros forms (pedimos, damos, nos, etc.) 

The content of prayers among Spanish-speaking LDS Church members is basically the same as that of English speakers, but the forms are different. When we pray in English we use the seldom-used second-person singular pronouns and verb forms (thou, thee, thy, art, hast, canst, knowest, etc.) English-speaking children have to be taught to use those forms when praying, and even adults have trouble using them, sometimes reverting to the forms of you. Spanish speakers don't have to learn new forms. They just use the pronouns and verb forms of Spanish (tu, te, ti, eres, tienes, etc.) that they are already very familiar with since they use them constantly with their family and friends. Remember, when we pray, we are addressing our Father, and thus we use tú, not usted, with Him. 

Remember also that when we ask for things in Spanish, the subjunctive forms must be used. Notice the forms used in these examples:

Te pedimos que..... nos bendigas / nos ayudes / nos protejas / estés con nosotros / escuches nuestra oración, etc.

We also use the subjunctive with para que:

Bendícenos para que podamos entender

Bendice a Juan para que llegue bien , etc.

Following are some terms and expressions you could use in a prayer with a group.

Select from the options given.

1. Nuestro …

1. Our …

Padre Celestial,

Heavenly Father,

Padre Eterno,

Eternal Father,

Padre que estás en el cielo (en los cielos),

Father who art in Heaven,

2. Te damos gracias por …

2. We thank thee for …

nuestra rama (nuestro barrio, esta clase, esta reunión, etc.).

our branch (our ward, this class, this meeting).

todo lo que tenemos.

everything we have.

todas las bendiciones que nos das.

all the blessings thou givest us.

nuestros familiares.

our family members.

la Iglesia (el evangelio, etc.).

the Church (the Gospel, etc.).

esta oportunidad de aprender (el evangelio).

this opportunity to learn (about the gospel).

esta oportunidad de asistir a la Iglesia, etc.

this opportunity to attend church, etc.

todo lo que hemos aprendido.

all that we have learned.

tu espíritu de paz (o amor) que ha estado aquí (con nosotros).

thy spirit of peace (or love) that has been present here (with us).

3. Te pedimos que …

3. We ask thee …

nos des tu espíritu.

to give us thy spirit.

nos bendigas durante esta clase (esta reunión, esta hora, etc.).

to bless us during this class (this meeting, this hour, etc.).

nos bendigas para que nuestros corazones y mentes sean abiertos.

to bless us that our hearts and minds might be opened.

nos ayudes a aprender.

to help us learn.

nos des salud y fuerza.

to give us health and strength.

nos bendigas para que seamos dignos de tener tu espíritu siempre.

to bless us that we may be worthy to have thy spirit always.

bendigas al / a la maestro/a, a los misioneros, a las autoridades de la iglesia, etc.

to bless our teacher, the missionaries, the authorities of the Church, etc.

bendigas a nuestros familiares (seres queridos).

to bless our family members (loved ones).

bendigas a los líderes del barrio (esta rama, etc.)

to bless the leaders of the ward (this branch).

bendigas a aquellos que no están con nosotros.

to bless those who are not with us at this time.

bendigas a los enfermos y necesitados.

to bless the sick and the needy.

Bendice al Presidente ________ (a los que van a hablar, etc.).

Bless President ________ (those who are going to speak, etc.).

Ayúdanos a ser hijos dignos (a poner en práctica lo que hemos aprendido, etc.).

Help us to be worthy sons and daughters (to put into practice what we have learned, etc.).

Protégenos mientras regresamos a casa.

Protect us upon our return home.

4. Esto te lo pedimos (decimos),

4. We ask (say) this,

Todas estas cosas las decimos,

We say all these things,

Ésta es nuestra oración,

This is our prayer,

5. En el nombre de …

5. In the name of …

tu hijo Jesucristo.

thy son Jesus Christ

nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo. Amén

our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen