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The Gospel In Spanish
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With the amazing growth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Spanish-speaking world, more and more English-speaking Latter-Day Saints find themselves in situations requiring them to understand and talk about Gospel concepts and topics in Spanish, a language that is rapidly becoming one of the most widely-spoken in the Church. This book has been prepared for use by missionaries, church officials, tourists, students, persons living abroad, businessmen and all others who have the need or desire to function in an LDS environment in Spanish. It is also intended as a supplement for use in Spanish classes using Spanish textbooks that are not oriented to Church situations.

Dr. Taylor is a professor emeritus of Spanish at Brigham Young University. He and his wife Deanna assisted in the translation of the LDS Bible in Spanish. Gratitude is expressed to Encarnita Moreno and Francisco Mata who reviewed the Spanish, Deanna H. Taylor and Teri T. Griffin, who prepared the illustrations and helped with layout, Echo Taylor, who provided computer expertise, and Scott Taylor, who did the eBook conversion and created the web site.

The contents of this book are also available as a spiral-bound paperback and online at 

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