A Glossary of Vocabulary and Expressions For Use In a Latter-day Saint Church Setting

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The Gospel in Spanish 2nd Edition paperback is is no longer available.

Q. I'm an LDS missionary in a Spanish-speaking mission. Is there a reference I can use without having to carry yet another book with me?
A. You need the ebook edition of The Gospel in Spanish. You can use it on your tablet, eBook reader, or smartphone.

Q. I have to give a talk in church next week. In Spanish!
A. Let not your heart be troubled. Read the chapter on Giving a Talk in Spanish

Q. Help! I have to give someone a blessing in Spanish, and I've never done it before!
A. No problem. Check out the examples of Ordinances in Spanish.

Q. I'm going to be travelling to another country. I found the LDS meetinghouse, but there are only Spanish meetings. Now what?
A. Go to the meeting anyway! The spirit is the same in any language. And if you read Participating in a Gospel Study Class, you might find yourself understanding more than you think.

Q. We're an older couple brushing up on our rusty Spanish. None of the Spanish textbooks we have cover the LDS vocabulary.
A. The Gospel in Spanish has many chapters of specialized vocabulary including Family History, church organization, the Church Educational System, and missionary work.

Q. We're a Spanish-speaking family. What can we do to get more out of our English-speaking ward?
A. The Gospel in Spanish has over 1000 words and phrases in the English to Spanish and Spanish to English glossaries.

The Gospel in Spanish was created by Dr. James S. Taylor in consultation with native speakers from many different Spanish-speaking countries. Dr. Taylor is a former professor of Spanish at Brigham Young University. He also participated in the translation of the new LDS Spanish Bible.

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